About Me

Hi there and welcome to my Personal Finance blog! I created this blog to share my journey to Financial Independence, lesson learned, tips, and strategies that have worked for me and hope you’ll implement as well.

But I want to be clear, this blog isn’t just about my wins and how fantastic my life is while seeking FI. Nope! It’s also about my challenges and slip-ups on the way there. Honesty and authenticity are my #1 values. 

I graduated from a public university with a B.S. in Information Systems Management and then went on to receive a Master of Software Engineering degree. I have a plenty of student loan and consumer debt which I introduce here in my first blog post. I’m a full-time software project manager, a tax preparer on the side, and looking to dip my toes into real estate investing after I strengthen my financial position.

I’m married with no kids at the moment, but we are looking to grow our family soon. I love to read finance books and write. This blog is about not only about personal finance, but also my reviews of personal finance books, self-improvement, investing, saving, and the like. My perspective is from that of a typical consumerism mindset living a comfortable upper middle class lifestyle. I don’t claim to know it all, I’m just figuring everything out each day and want to share it along the way. I hope you’ll come by regular and check out my posts and comment! Hope to see you around soon!