The Principles of FI

I recently finished reading the Life Principles portion of the book Principles by Ray Dailo.   And as I read, there were many takeaways that I think could be so helpful for those of us on the FI journey. The book is a compilation of principles that Ray has developed for himself in life and at work to make great decisions, create an effective culture, and approach challenges in which he believes anyone can employ to create a meaningful life[Read more]

What’s in Your FI Toolbox?

I’ve come to learn that for those that have decided to pursue financial freedom, it means something totally different for everyone. For some it means having a certain amount of money in the bank or across your investment portfolio. For some it means not trading your time for dollars. For some it means simply having options. When I think about what financial freedom means to me, it is being able to make decisions based 100% in personal desire. In other[Read more]